The Two Journeys

The Notion Of Motion

Chosen as the title of a solo show, held at Cooper Union in 2008, "Two Journeys was chosen as a way of creating some semblance of a continuum out of a rather disparate body of work produced post Archigram, over the last fifty or so years.  

As for the two journeys themselves, the first is a thrill-packed dash along a two-land road, the Drive-In House is the destination.  In the second of the two journeys you are invited to imagine, through drawing and paintings, a leisurely glide on the Thames all in the dream weather of a gold afternoon.  Perhaps the sense of sweet languor induced by the glide will promote fantasies of a journey to the perspectival vanishing point at Temple Island, or to an interest in the dilation of time that such a journey demands.  And, like any good Futurist, to indulge, en route, in the beauty of speed.  You may even find yourself dodging giant floating structures that gouge out chunks of the sky and the Earth or a submersible, just barely visible under the surface of the water.

The study of motion provides the connectivity linking the journeys themselves.