Drive-In House


Area 1: car enters circular rotor. 

A convention of architectural projection drawing is that the plan of the building should be placed on the sheet (or screen) so that the main entrance lies along its bottom edge; thus you can imagine yourself walking through the building’s interior spaces by tilting your eyes upward. In 1 the car has entered through an intake tube placed vertically on the page so as to obey the convention. The driver’s center of vision is also vertical (see white line).

In area 2 the drum bearing the car has rotated clockwise so that its interior is now sealed off from cold air in the intake tube. Nevertheless, in order to follow the rules the driver’s center of vision remains vertical. This means the rotating drum is graphically inert, while the inert house rotates graphically around the drum. The car doors begin to open.

In area 3 the drum has rotated further such that the car shares the same space as the schematic living area. Graphically, however, its position is such that the driver’s steadfast center of vision is yet vertical. The car’s doors are now fully open.

As the car rotates about the house so does the sun (see the yellow line in each area